Trump Campaign
Precinct Captain for Fairfield, Iowa
Jefferson County
Frederick Shaddock

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Jefferson County Caucus Captain for Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City

Frederick in the Press about Trump

Washington, Post, David Weigel, July 27
5 things I learned by spending four hours in The Donald Trump Experience
Mother Jones Magazine, Inae Oh, Mon, July 27, 2015
Want to Meet a 9/11 Truther? Go to a Donald Trump Event
Mother Jones Magazine, Inae Oh, Mon Jul. 27, 2015
Salon Magazine

Donald Trump at a campaign rally
in Newton Iowa

Meeting Trump Campaign Co-Chair Tana Goertz
and more staff

Asked 2 questions of Donald Trump
at the Press Conference

Met Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and other candidates

Eagle Scout
certificate signed by President Nixon

U.S. Marine Corps veteran (SSN confidential)

Trump University real estate course participant

Fairfield Iowa Home land lord

Former contract programmer at the NSA
(Did not and will not spy on any US citizens)
Friend of Edward Snowden's mother.

Former contract programmer at NASA.
Co-founder of American Moon Association
to establish a Moon base before the Chinese and Russians

TM Meditator in the Golden Dome in Fairfield
wpe16.gif (179469 bytes)
creating peace near the population center of the USA

Contractor computer consultant and instructor
for the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines

Also owns a home in Washington DC

Lobbyist on Capitol Hill for peaceful causes

Bachelors Degree in Natural Science
Colgate University  Senior Honorary Society

Master of Arts in Education  Honor Roll for high GPA
Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield Iowa

Dr. John Hagelin
(PhD, Physics, Harvard University)
candidate for U.S. President in 1996
for the Natural Law Party

Frederick ran for U.S. Congress
in the 11th District of Virginia

Increased Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Students at Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa, who regularly practiced Transcendental Meditation, increased significantly in intelligence over a 2-year period, compared to control subjects from another Iowa university. This finding corroborates the results of two other studies showing increased IQ in students practicing TM.

Source:  Cranson, Orme-Johnson, Gackenback, Dillbeck, Jones, and Alexander, Journal of Personality and Individual Differencesvol 12, 1991, p 1105-1116).      more research studies

Mensa member #1088897
The High IQ Society

Frederick: "I was an average high school student,
but thanks to TM, my brain waves became
more coherent, my SAT scores qualified me for Colgate University, and my IQ score qualified me for Mensa."

More info and studies at:

Helping Ambassador of Honduras
to promote use of computers in his country

First lady and President of Honduras
thanked Frederick for teaching computer classes in Honduras

Thomas Drake, NSA whistle blower
peace and truth activist

Ray McGovern, CIA official who gave
the President's Daily Brief to Reagan

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Trump Campaign Staff with Frederick Shaddock

Donald Trump

Donald Trump signing hat

Sam Clovis
National Co-Chairman

Jeff Kaufman, Iowa Republican Party Chairman

Brad Nagel
Iowa State Advisor

Marshall Critchfield
Iowa State Advisor

Tana Goertz
Co-Chair, Des Moines

Marc Elcock, J.D., Ed.D.
Campaign Legal Advisor

Frank V. Moran


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At caucus location, Lincoln School, Precinct 2

At annual Republican meeting.  Frederick gave speech for Trump

TrumpMobile - Mercedes Benz

Lucky Trumps breakfast cereal