Trump Campaign Song Contest

Purpose: To give Donald Trump a unique theme song for his brand, to help him become President of the United States.

Problem: The campaign has been using songs that are less than ideal, and belong to various singers. For example.
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones, is not the best promise for the campaign.
"You're The Best Around" is inspiring, but Joe Esposito could start charging royalty fees. 
"We're not going to take it" by Twisted Sister is a bit confusing.  We are not going to take what, from Trump?
"Rocking in the Free World"  was not allowed by Neil Young to be used and caused bad publicity.
"I think it's going to be a long long time" by Elton John, is odd to play as the audience is waiting. 
These songs cause Trump event YouTube videos to be stricken with "Matched third party content" flags and numerous advertisements.

Solution: It is much better if Donald has his own royalty free campaign theme song.

Donald Trump For President
by Rick Shaddock

Donald Trump for President
Bring back jobs and employment
Every man pulls his weight
To make America great

With Trump as President
We stand independent
Self sufficient and free
With less dependency

Expose government lies
Trump has opened our eyes
A strong military
Used for right, not money.

No oil dependency
We use our energy
When we self educate
Make America Great

Fair elections at last
No bribery of the past
Billionaires have no more weight
than each citizen can donate.

Donald Trump will get to the Truth
about lies we bought since our youth
9/11, Obama's birth
No elite will brainwash the Earth.

Take America up to the Moon
Real estate development boon
17 million square miles we'll get
To pay off our national debt

Donald knows that buildings are strong.
Building 7 fell very wrong.
The Twin Towers had asbestos.
Silverstein got rich from this loss.

No more PACs - just a scam
Trump tells special interests to scram.
Politicians make us so tired.
Barack Obama, You're Fired!

All rights belong to Donald Trump royalty free as our gift
to the next President of the United States

Music by Marwan Nimra and
Lyrics by Rick Shaddock
Sung by:  (better singer coming soon)

Trump is Coming Around the Mountain
by Cowboy Joe Salvatorio

Fairfield Iowa Trump Supporters