Republican Caucus

February 1, 2016 at the Lincoln School

Precinct 2 - Fairfield north and campus of Maharishi University
America's Most Enlightened Precinct, home of many TM practitioners
enlivening brain wave coherence and national collective consciousness

Jeb Bush Cruz Kasich Rand Paul Rubio TRUMP
0 5 3 9 4 18

Rick Shaddock gives the 2 minute speech for Donald Trump

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Buchanan Buchanan Township 2 2   12 2 3 2 7 4 1 13
1 Fairfield 5 7 3 33 3 5 9 10 10   25
2 Fairfield north and campus of Maharishi University       5     3 9 4   18
3 Fairfield west   3   6   5 1 9 9 1 10
4 Fairfield town square   2   11   6 3 6 6   17
5 Fairfield south 1 10 1 23 1 6 3 7 20 4 23
Liberty Libertyville 1 5 3 18 1 4     12   29
Pleasant Pleasant Plain   5   11   3 1 1 2   11

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Stump for Trump Speech
(2 minutes) by Trumpeter Rick Shaddock

I support our front runner,
I am supporting Donald Trump for President.
And the reason I will vote for Donald Trump
and encourage other people to do so is that
he will bring us more fullness in employment.
In Fairfield we had sadly saw some big companies leave.
The type of thinking that Donald Trump brings to us
is that we do not have to sit by and accept that.
He has created more jobs
than any candidate running for President,
with about 10000 people in the Trump Organization, world wide.
And that is quite an accomplishment.
What he has done is manage a huge organization
And that is what the United States Government is.
Like a big corporation, which is running with various departments
and make sure they are run efficiently.
Also in Washington DC often I have worked as a Government contractor
and have seen a lot of waste and
Donald Trump will put an end to that
and use your tax dollars wisely
and end the buying of our politicians.
He doesn't want anyone's money.
And actually, it has been a lot of fun to go to the events.
I have gone to 8 events.
The first one was Oskaloosa
He hired Hy-Vee to give everybody a picnic.
He is not buying votes, by buying people food
Although, it has been very nice and a lot of fun
Last night at the Pizza Ranch, also his son
bought everybody pizza in the place.
But it shows fullness.
Fullness is the basis of success.
And he has a lot of Support of Nature
Actually a lot of people in town are meditators
and familiar with that concept.
And, Ivanka Trump meditates.
And I found last night, I was talking to Donald Trump Junior
about the practice of TM for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
(PTSD) to help the wounded warriors
And he said he already practices it.
So, he is helping people to develop their full potential
with his books like How To Think Like a Billionaire
The Apprentice (TV show)
How we can develop our full potential.
The Democrats, they want to get other people to
Depend on the Government!
Depend on other people!
Get their money!
Take from them!

But the Republican ideals are
that we can develop our full potential
to be self-sufficient, in many ways.
Happy, richer and free.  Thank you.
[Hugest applause for any candidate]

Fairfield Iowa Trump Supporters

Fairfield 4th Ward 17 5
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
2606 W Burlington Ave, Fairfield, IA
Center-Cedar-Maharishi Vedic City 54